The Evolution of Community Herbals

After Heidi's herb school closed a year after her graduation, she realized the need for a community apothecary, where students and herbalists alike could come to source their herbs in various forms, particularly herbal oils, glycerites and tinctures, to be used in formulations. 

Heidi had already begin growing her own home apothecary, one plant at a time, most of which she personally wildcrafted and made into medicine from scratch.  She began to invite others to come use her herbs, equipment, and books. In her own continued search for high quality, locally sourced fresh herbs to make into medicine, she began developing a network of herbalists, wildcrafters and growers practicing sustainable growing and ethical wildharvesting. Heidi believes plants grown and collected using these methods yield a higher quality of medicine for a variety of reasons. Additionally, buying from regional sources helps boost the local economy, instills a sense of community and encourages cooperation. Heidi believes we are stronger together working as a whole. ​

In 2010, Heidi was made aware of a grant for those working in the Non- Timber Forest Product Industry. She immediately began piecing together her vision for a Cooperative Herbal Community Center. intended to unite and support local, herbal and agricultural businesses. The center would feature high quality medicinals, herbal and agricultural education, collaboration, and accessibility for her community.

  The center would host:

 * A cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant herbal lab and/or commercial kitchen space where members can make herbal medicines and products to meet FDA standards. 

* A classroom space for herbal and agricultural related classes and workshops. 


* An apothecary offering bulk herbs sustainably grown and ethically wild harvested by trained agricultural and herbal professionals.

* Bulk herbal tinctures, oils, glycerites, and flower essences all available for formulation by members. 

* A retail space providing medicine making supplies and equipment, such as bottles and jars, herb presses, scales, glycerine, beeswax, Vita-Mix, Lip balm filling trays, etc.

* A consignment area highlighting a variety of locally made herbal products meeting GMP standards.

* An herbal resource library with books to check out.​ 

  Heidi is committed to working collaboratively with small farmers, wildcrafters, herbalists, and local area natural products businesses. She believes in the value of supporting and utilizing local businesses, collaborating and networking for one another, and building community along the way. Being an herbalist brings with it a responsibility to educate on how to help preserve, protect, and assist with the well being of others, as well as our fragile planet.


Heidi Berkovitz, BA.Ed., ​Clinical Herbalist & Educator


 Heidi Berkovitz is an educator, clinical herbalist, medicine maker, and wildcrafter with a passion for nature, the healing arts, and a commitment to building community.

     She received her formal herbal training from One World Healing Arts Institute), AB Tech's BioNetwork, and the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. She has taken several intensive workshops and classes with a variety of herbalists, including Matthew Wood, Feather Jones, Doug Simons, Darcey Blue, Rosemary Gladstar, Dr. James Duke, Lisa Ganora, David Winston, and many others. Heidi's primary herb teacher was Mimi Hernandez, now the Executive Director of the American Herbalist Guild.

    Heidi received her BA in Education, with a concentration in Environmental Education from Warren Wilson College, her certification in Massage and Hydrotherapy from Educating Hands School of Massage, and has been working towards an MS in Therapeutic Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, formerly known as Tai Sophia. 

     Heidi Berkovitz offers herbal consultations, classes in herbal medicine and natural health, and custom made herbal formulas. 

     Heidi loves cooking, creating art, live music, connecting people, entertaining, theme parties, stargazing, hiking, swimming, eating, exploring, road trips, and learning. She currently resides in Central Florida.



Quality Handmade Products

 Rest assured, all available herbs are chosen from quality sources, grown sustainably, or wildcrafted by Heidi herself! All products

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Reliable Information

 Whether you choose to take classes or consultations, all information has been researched and cross referenced for quality assurance. 

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Heidi puts her heart into everything she takes on. She will do her best to assist you in achieving your goals. 



Heidi with one of her most influential natural health heroes, author & speaker,
Suzy Cohen, RPh. aka: 
America's Most Trusted Pharmacist.


My Herbal Heritage (Bottom to top). Heidi with her teacher Mimi Hernandez, and Mimi's teacher Dr. James Duke, PhD., Ethnobotanist and author of over 33 herb books!

You are already missed Jim (1929-2017)


 2009 Graduation from Herb School at the One World Healing Arts Institute 



Heidi and Rosita Arvigo, author of Sastun, Spiritual Bathing, Rainforest Remedies.

 Heidi in a stand of Black Cohosh 


 Heidi and Rosemary Gladstar! 



Enjoying nature at Sabino Canyon
in Tucson, AZ


Surrounded by a field of St. John's Wort on top of Max Patch, NC. 

 Processing freshly harvested stinging nettles 



At the SW Conference for Botanical Medicine 2013: (Left to right) Jenny, DeAnne Tracy Brown, Phyllis Hogan, Ryan Drum, 7Song, Heidi Berkovitz, Martha Burgess, & Amy Valdes Schwemm.


 Ginny Feathers, beekeeper and farmer, and her sister Jessica Gentry, farmer and owner of Bountiful Farms in Okahumpka, FL. 


Jeannie Dunn, Herbalist, Executive Director, and owner of Red Moon Herbs; grower for High Rock Farms.


Pamela Blum Leonard, herbalist and owner of Gentle Harmony Farm. 



​​Ron Dunham, herbalist, wildcrafter, grower and owner of Algonquin Botanicals.


In loving memory and deep gratitude to a wonderful herbalist, farmer, wildcrafter, teacher, business liaison and friend, Memorie King. She made a difference.

1955 - 2014 


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