Herbal Consultations


Heidi Berkovitz is a trained clinical herbalist, offering thorough investigative research into your personal health history and

A full herbal consultation lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. This  session involves a detailed review based on the information from  your intake form, and an interactive discussion with you about your health history, lifestyle, current issues, and goals.  

With a compassionate and trained ear,  Heidi will work with you to help uncover the primary factors which may be contributing to your current conditions.

When the Q & A session is completed, Heidi will begin researching your specific case, and will put together an herbal, dietary, and lifestyle protocol catered to your specific wellness goals.  If relevant, she will include potential drug/herb interactions, and natural ways to manage potential side effects. This process can take up to three weeks to complete.

Heidi's specialties include, but are not limited to; chronic inflammatory diseases, pain management, drug side effects, interactions and appropriate supplementation, and creative ideas on how  to integrate food as medicine into your diet, taking into consideration  your specific likes and dislikes. 

When your protocol is completed, you will meet again either in person, over the phone, or via computer;  reviewing your recommendations while allowing time for you to ask any questions in preparation for your road to wellness.



Why consider a full consult with pharmaceutical Research?

If you take pharmaceutical medications, it is very important you disclose this information, because combining certain herbs with specific drugs are not always appropriate. Heidi will investigate each one of your drugs, and report back on any vital nutrients that may be depleted from taking them, along with the side effects that can manifest without proper supplementation.

For example, statin drugs used to regulate cholesterol over time can deplete Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), found in every cell in your body,  and acts like an antioxidant. CoQ10 is essential for keeping you kidneys, liver, and heart healthy.

Not only do statin drugs lower cholesterol, but they also block CoQ10 synthesis in the body, meaning it may be depleted. Without healthy levels of CoQ10, you may experience high blood pressure, fatigue, achy joints, muscle weakness, angina, irregular heart beat, heart failure, muscle cramps, memory loss, shortness of breath, gum disease, increased risk of cancer, frequent infections, and liver damage. Some of your current health symptoms could potentially be related to  a nutrient deficiency, yet they mimic symptoms of a disease you may not even have. 

The research provided may be a valuable tool when discussing your desired health protocol with your regular physician. Knowledge is power.  


Initial Consultation:​


* Thorough intake evaluation 

* Personalized research, including potential drug/herb interactions for 1-2 medications
*  Consultation Session
 * Recommended Herbal, Dietary & Lifestyle Protocol

 * 15 minute Follow up 2-3 weeks after you've begun to implement your health plan.



Full Consultation with Pharmaceutical Research:


 * Thorough intake evaluation 

 * Personalized research, including potential drug/herb interactions
*  Consultation Session
 * Information Document- Includes each pharmaceutical (up to 6 medications), with potential nutrient depletion, side effects, and any other relevant factors to consider 

 * Recommended Herbal, Dietary & Lifestyle Protocol
 * 15 minute Follow up 2 weeks later


($12 for each additional medication)


Personalized Pharmacological Research Document:


*  Thorough research of each medication you take, including drug class, indications, nutrient depletions, potential side effects due to deficiency, food/herb/drug interactions, suggestions, and any other relevant factors to consider. 

 $75 for up to 6 medications

($12 per each additional medication)


1 hour Follow Up Sessions for established clients:


$55 - $75

(sliding scale)

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3. Download and READ ONLY New Client Letter

4. Flower Essence Questionnaire

Consultations can be conducted via phone, Skype or in person. 

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.