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Herbal Allergy Formula Tincture

" Being a life-long severe allergy sufferer, and  having taken Benadryl to Epi-pen for life threatening reactions, I was super impressed that this allergy tincture works for nearly all my allergies.! This includes foods reactions and  seasonal environmental allergies , and spares me emergency room visits as well as not having to depend on chemicals to treat them so regularly. I highly recommended even for the most skeptical of people. Give it a shot. It's amazing!" 

Mindy B. - Sales Associate - Boynton Beach, FL

"I've had bad allergies for the past few days. After taking your Herbal Allergy Formula, it cleared me up almost instantly!  I'll have to make sure I don't run out! Love it!"
Kim B. - Educator - San Tan Valley, AZ 

"I’m allergic to grass and Oak. I went through allergy shots for years, and they never helped. I had some lasting success when I tried non-invasive treatments with a chiropractor, but then my allergies came back. I’ve found taking the Herbal Allergy Formula every 20 min did help. I am taking CBD oils in the morning and using the Speedy Recovery at night for my rotator cuff injury. I’m sleeping part of the night on the couch in a reclining chair and part of the night in bed on 2 pillows. I’m finally sleeping and not waking up in pain 6 or 7 times a night like I had been! Thank you!"
Michelle O. -  Mother, Gardner, and Housekeeper - Fruitland Park, FL 



Tummy Time Glycerite

  Heidi makes some really great herbal products. A few of my personal favorites are Tummy Time and Herbal Happy Hour. I use the Tummy Time ginger drops for when I have nausea or road sickness, works immediately.  Herbal Happy Hour is wonderful for an upbeat relaxation. High quality products made with love, check them out! Heather L. - LMT/Artist – Sedona, AZ 



Anti-Viral Tincture

 "I have been using the Stress Blister Balm and the Anti-Viral Tincture for shingles. Just in the past couple days I have seen a dramatic healing effect and have a very minimal amount of pain. Not only has it helped to heal but the tincture actually has a good taste and the balm has a nice smell and isn't too greasy at all. So I am not worried about it staining my clothes. I have also been using Love My Legs for a chronic rash I have on my leg from my EB. It has not completely gone away but it's the only thing that seems to help with the constant itching. These products are truly magical ♥"
Sarah F - Office Manager and LMT - Gainsville, FL 


Stress Blister Balm


 ​“I’ve been suffering from outbreaks for years. Stress Blister Balm is amazing! Like magic…disappeared overnight. I highly recommend it.” 

Gaile T- Herbalist-Charleston, SC 

  “My immune system was weakened and I had a cold sore outbreak. I never had established something to treat it, and normally would have just let it ride out. When I tried Stress Blister Balm, I applied it liberally for 2 days. It showed significant signs of it drying up by the end of the first day, and went away completely by the 4th day. It was good to know there is something natural to put on my lips to help stop the sores.” 

Sally H- Herbalist-Washington, DC

 “I was feeling highly stressed out and felt and episode coming on and used this cold sore product, Stress Blister Balm. It helped tremendously! Won’t be without it!” 

Dan M-Wrestling Coach-Long Branch, NJ  

Stress Blister Balm works wonders.  I felt like I had one coming on, and it took care of it in one day.  Thanks!” 

Stephanie H- Herbalist-Wilmington, NC 

"The Stress Blister Balm was very healing and soothing on my chicken pox! I was very grateful to have a tube to use. Only issue I did have was it was a tiny bit "runny" but then again I do not know what consistency it was supposed to be. I would recommend it to anyone. Excellent to have on hand!" 

Rebecca H - Mother & Herbalist - Candler, NC 

 "I had a cold sore and tried Stress Blister Balm, the next day it was  gone! AMAZING!!!”  Rachel F - Herbalist, Energy healer & Flower Essence Practitioner - Asheville, NC  

“I really recommend Stress Blister Balm. It works fast.” 

 Dave B - Architect- Black Mountain, NC  

“I just moved to a new state, was feeling overwhelmed and very stressed, Stress Blister Balm cold sore relief is a miracle, highly effective!” 

Maria B - Herbalist - Asheville, NC

“I had some sort of outbreak on my arm-itched & burned. Put Stress Blister Balm on & both burning & itching stopped. Not sure if outbreak was herpes, never had on arm, but your remedy helped! Thanks.”

 Marsha K - Legal Secretary - Hollywood, FL  

 "I have been using the Stress Blister Balm and the Anti-Viral Tincture for shingles. Just in the past couple days I have seen a dramatic healing effect and have a very minimal amount of pain. Not only has it helped to heal but the tincture actually has a good taste and the balm has a nice smell and isn't too greasy at all. So I am not worried about it staining my clothes.  These products are truly magical ♥" 

Sarah F - Office Manager and LMT - Gainsville, FL  

“I had some painful canker sores in my mouth for about a week. I could hardly eat. I get run down very easily. I tried warm water and salt gargle. It didn’t work.  I tried undiluted peroxide. That didn’t work. I took medication my dentist had given me called chlohexidine  gluconate. That didn’t work. I took some penicillin. That didn’t work!  It was spreading, going from one side of my mouth to the other. I had some Stress Blister Balm, and the label said all natural products. So I applied it directly to the sores with a q-tip right along my gum line. By the end of the day, I noticed the swelling in my gums went away, and the white cankers had disappeared! Incredible!” * “My 10-year old granddaughter came to visit and at arrival, I saw she had a dark cold sore on one corner of her mouth. She had it for two weeks. I gave her my tube of Stress Blister Balm with a supply of Q-tips, advising her to use it on her sore several times a day. That first days she used it 4 times, including at bedtime. Her mother and I were amazed the next morning when the darkness had already faded and it was already starting to heal. Within a few days, it was barely visible. An amazing product.” 

 Karla A - Traveler - Lake Havasu City, AZ 

“I put the Stress Blister Balm on my sore. It immediately eased the throbbing and it cleared up quicker.” 

Sandy J - Home Health Care Worker - Asheville, NC  

 “Thank you for the Stress Blister Balm.   I am going through an outbreak, School is not working for me this semester, and I used the balm at first sign of itch. The blisters NEVER got big, and have begun to diminish after only 24 hours.  Only a small area broke out and seems to be done almost.  I still feel tired but the outbreak never truly happened.  The balm stopped the sores from getting big and nasty.” After 48 hours: “Actually the blisters are now totally gone.......I still feel a bit of a itchy feeling in that area but WOW, that is amazing...I usually have to wear loose clothing and sit carefully for week or more.  I worked in the hot sweaty restaurant with nylon pants and shirt tucked in; I cannot believe they are gone!  Thank you.” 

Cindy M-Waitress & Student- Hollywood, FL  

 “I first used Stress Blister Balm on a cold sore where my lip meets my skin, and after three applications it was gone completely.  I recently noticed one under my beard and it's now completely healed with two treatments and 72 hours!  Stress Blister Balm works faster and more effectively than any pharmaceutical grade ointment I’ve used!  Thanks!” 

Stephen H - Inventor - Augusta, GA.


 "I suffer from cold sores. I have used every over-the-counter product. The only non-prescription medicine that works to prevent and treat them is Stress Blister Balm. Her lip balm works as well as the powerful prescription drug that I can't afford to refill!" Veronika G - Web Developer - Asheville NC 

“I love Stress Blister Balm! It helps so much with dry, cracked lips and with cold sore outbreaks. 

Kim E - Sign Language Interpreter - Asheville, NC 

“The Stress Blister Balm was very healing and soothing on my chicken pox! I was very grateful to have a tube to use. I would recommend it to anyone. Excellent to have on hand!” 

Rebecca H - Mother and Herbalist - Candler, NC

“The Stress Blister Balm seems to be working really well. It isn't sore anymore and it’s starting to fade. Thank you very much for it. I will have to share it with my family and friends. They will be amazed by how well it works.”

 Brittany H - Massage Therapist - Asheville, NC 


Digestive Formula

Bitters Tincture

 "Heidi knew exactly what herbs and combinations would help my IBS, and I felt great improvement after using Bonkers for Bitters and loose herbal tea concoction. "
Erin K - Licensed Massage Therapist & Kinesology Instructor - Cottonwood, AZ 


Immune Support Formulas

Colloidal Silver

 Every winter for decades, regardless of the weather, I’ve gotten red patches that crack on my hands and legs that itched and hurt. One doctor said he thought it was eczema and that I’d probably have it for the rest of my life. I’ve tried every balm, lotion, and medicine I could get my hands on. From fresh aloe vera to prescription cortisone—nothing has worked at all. In late 2014, I tried Heidi’s Colloidal Silver, applied by spray. Application was easy and painless and there was no residue or staining. Within days, the patches disappeared! Now, two months later, they have still not reappeared where I applied the silver. I am amazed and grateful for this remedy. Thank you, Heidi!
Stacy C – Media Developer – Sierra Vista, AZ 


I Aint No Sickie Tincture


"I Aint No Sickie is a fantastic cold preventative or quick fix if you're already feeling under the weather. It's loaded with GREAT stuff. I recommend it to anyone to is ready to stop getting sick."   

Lea S.- Musician, Entrepreneur and NOT A SICKIE! - Asheville, NC 

 Over the years since 2011 when I began ordering products from Community Herbals, they have kept me very healthy.  Never have missed a day of work and stopped seeing a doctor for the minor stuff long ago.  The rest is all diet and exercise. I’m very grateful that your sister introduced me to “I Ain’t No Sickie” when I visited her and my best friend in Sedona so long ago and I was already on an alternative medicine path before hand anyway.  

Erran T - Sparks, NV


Lymphatic Tincture

 "Thanks Heidi! I used Lymphatic Flush for about 3 weeks, and then stopped. It cleared up some congestion in my left armpit. I am about to do a spring cleanse and want to use it again during my cleanse. Love it!!!"
Mary L. - Author of Divine Nourishment/Herbalist/Chef - Maui, HI 


Wellness Syrup

 "Just wanted to say thank you and offer my tremendous appreciation for the magic of your Wellness Syrup. Not only was my sore throat gone, but my voice came back within hours. I was able to teach to my group of fifty the next day! Thank you!...And can I order another bottle?"
Luke Learningdeer C - Herbalist and Instructor -Weaverville, NC

 "I love Heidi's Wellness Syrup! I barely got sick this last fall or winter and I give this delicious syrup a large share of the credit! Any time I have a tickle in my throat, runny nose, allergies, or just feel run down, worn out: systematically vulnerable; I take a few teaspoons of Wellness Syrup and my body responds! It is my go to health support and bolster! Sometimes I take a teaspoon here and there even when I'm feeling great-This stuff is yummy! Think honeyed-elderberry licorice. It is really delicious! Thank you Heidi and Community Herbals for supporting my Wellness!!"
Amanda C - Massage Therapist - Asheville, NC 


Pain and Trauma Formulas

Pain Away Massage Oil

  "Heidi makes the best products for muscle pain. Her Pain Away Massage Oil and Speedy Recovery Salve have helped a great deal of my massage therapy clients who suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain.  ♥"
Erin K - Licensed Massage Therapist & Kinesology Instructor - Cottonwood, AZ 


Speedy Recovery Salve

 “Speedy Recovery was most helpful in reducing pain and soreness from my chest surgery incision and pace-maker incision. I would highly recommend its use for wounds involving bones knitting back together.”
John M-Retired Woodworker-Weaverville, NC

"Speedy Recovery is fabulous! I started using Speedy Recovery after the bandages covering my incisions were removed following my open heart surgery.Three days later my RN checked the incisions, and was amazed at how well they were healing. Speedy Recovery made a huge difference in reducing the redness and swelling, and speeding the healing process from within. Results were almost immediate on the smaller IV insertion points that had been lingering with scabs and swelling. This is a great product!"
Nancy M.-Author and Educator-Weaverville, NC 

"I fractured my ribs last Friday while I was riding my bicycle. The pain was progressing and today I was functioning at 20% while moving and feeling like I was in a body cast. I resorted to taking Advil to function at work while using arnica internally and externally. The Advil helped me feel 20% better for brief period. I asked Heidi Berkovitz, the local herbalist, for some help. She gave me Speedy Recovery salve, comfrey root tincture, and Pain Away Massage Oil. As soon as I put on the Speedy Recovery salve my AURIC/ENERGETIC MATRIX was soothed! My entire being said "WHOA ~ahhhh~". The pain I felt pulsing through my entire body was dulled and I was able to work at 60% of my normal capacity. I thought I'd be feeling this way in a couple of months! I really do feel the love she infuses  in her medicine! I'm overflowing with gratitude for her support and practice!!! I am so grateful for her amazing service with others. Sedona's lucky to  have her here! Thank you!"
Hewon K - Student and Waitress-Sedona, AZ 

 "I broke my toe/foot  4 days ago, and although they are still healing, I'm super impressed by how quickly its healing with the Speedy Recovery. Of course I knew to use it immediately. It’s still a bit blue, but I can see the bruising discoloration dissipate as it heals.  I'm even walking with less of a limp. Also I’d like to add that the Speedy Recovery has even helped clear up my eczema!
- Mindy B, Sales associate- Boynton Beach, FL  


Skin Care Formulas

Baby Got Back Salve


"Baby Got Back is a GREAT product. I've used it on redness, diaper rash, even mild yeast infections. Baby Got Back clears it up quick, and gives me the confidence of knowing I'm not putting anything chemical or harsh on my baby's little bottom. I used baby got back today. It's actually the only thing we put directly on her skin. LOVE IT!"
Lea S- Mother and Musician-Asheville, NC 

"I love Baby Got Back butt balm. It healed my baby's diaper rash and cuts, sometimes overnight!  love how it smells and feels and knowing that there are no harmful ingredients in this product- it's probably edible! This is a product guaranteed to work, from my experience. We were lucky to find it through Heidi."
Ilene and Greg D-Environmental Consultant and Astronomer-Waimea, Hawaii

Started using Baby Got Back on Addie rash yesterday when I first noticed the redness and it's already completely gone today!! I LOVE it! Highly recommended!

Autumn G. – Retail Associate -Port Charlotte, FL

My newborn daughter got a diaper rash when she was only a couple of weeks old. I tried Baby Got Back and it went away very quickly. I love that it’s all natural and has ingredients that I know and are safe for my baby. I highly recommend this to any parent. The other thing that I love is it keeps the mess off her bottom and on the diaper. I also use Baby Got Back on my hands. They are always very cracked and dry from all the hand washing, clothes scrubby and bottle washing. I dab a little on the cracks and then apply lotion on top and it works like a charm to heal up my hands quickly. I’m grateful to have found such a wonderful product!
Danielle C. – CEO/Media Director – Sedona, AZ


Love My Legs Cream/Lotion


“I just thought I’d let ya know that the lotion, Love My legs, is really working. I’m incredibly happy about that. I’ve had these graphic varicose veins and its about cut in half at the present time. I’m using the salve in the mornings and evenings. So far it’s really, really wonderful and I thank you so much.”
John M.- Retired Woodworker - Weaverville, NC

"My sister gave me a bottle of this amazing stuff (Love My Legs) and I love it! To be truthful, I was pretty skeptical but it really works!  Glad to do business with you."
Cindy S.- Retired School Teacher - Alburquerque, NM

"I've been using your Love My Legs Cream for a few days & I've already noticed a huge difference (I've had spider veins since I was 13, no joke). It's so wild. Who' would have thought that the right combination of herbs can have such a profound effect on the human body?"
Becca S - Sales Associate - Boone,NC

"I have been using the Stress Blister Balm and the Anti-Viral Tincture for shingles. Just in the past couple days I have seen a dramatic healing effect and have a very minimal amount of pain. Not only has it helped to heal but the tincture actually has a good taste and the balm has a nice smell and isn't too greasy at all. So I am not worried about it staining my clothes. I have also been using Love My Legs for a chronic rash I have on my leg from my EB. It has not completely gone away but it's the only thing that seems to help with the constant itching. These products are truly magical ♥"
Sarah F - Office Manager and LMT - Gainsville, FL

LOVE MY LEGS CREAM  with aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E is so incredibly rich and luxurious, it should be called I LOVE MY WHOLE BODY CREAM. And that is how I use it. I use it all over my entire body everyday to help tone, tighten and soothe. Additionally with Horse Chestnut and and Comfrey Root, it is also perfect for treating swollen veins and varicosities. This is my "go to" cream for everything. 

Ginni S, PhD - Energy Medicine Practicioner - Sedona, AZ 


Miracle Cream


  “Heidi's Miracle (Burn) Cream is AMAZING!  I burnt my hand, badly, and immediately applied the cream.  Not only didn’t it blister but the pain was diminished and there was not a trace of the burn in just a couple days time, no scar, nothing.  Thanks Heidi!”
 Andrew B  - Music School Director - Sedona, AZ

 “I have a 13 year old Chesapeake retriever, she has a lot of skin problems which have plagued her for a long time. Sometimes she gets “hot spots” she eats away at her hair until her skin is raw, I’ve tried some products but they really don’t do much.  I was away at the beach and she had a really bad outbreak and all I had was Miracle Cream so I tried it on her, she seemed really receptive to it, I think it cooled her skin and she liked the way it tasted!  I kept reapplying it and within two days I could not even find the hot spot!  It was like a friggin miracle.   I have tried it on her ears as well and it takes away the redness and inflammation.  I will not be without this product, I highly recommend it to pet owners and the owners as well.  This product was well thought out and made with lots of love and care"....
... 'I was troubled with a terrible rash on my bottom, I was extremely distressed and uncomfortable, I tried many different products with no relief, I was on fire!  I tried Miracle Cream and oohh. So cooling and soothing, the fire was out and within one-two days the rash was completely gone, it is truly amazing!  This one is in my first aid kit and I will not be without it.” 
 Donna B. Herbalist- Black Mountain, NC

“This stuff works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear, you have to see how Miracle Cream works to believe it. I had a spider bite for two weeks - like a pimple, on the end of my elbow so painful to the point I could not lean on my elbow. I tried everything - drying it out with alcohol swabs for about a week, using Neosporin for many more days, then, in disgust, asking Heidi what I could herbally do to maybe help it even START to disappear and heal. She suggested putting on Gel. After four applications,, not only did it reduce the size of the swelling, but when I got up in a morning after applying it the evening before when I went to bed, I looked at it in the mirror and because I could not see it, thought I was looking on the wrong point of my elbow. GONE! A small red mark remains so I will continue using the gel until it disappears. UNBELIEVABLE!"...
..."I also have bad arthritis in my left thumb and my right knee. Miracle Cream does just that. There are days I am unable to even move the joint and I liberally apply this pleasant-smelling product, working it in like hand lotion. My pain goes away because it has an analgesic in it, thus allowing me movement, pain-free.”
Karla A-Retired Traveler- Lake Havasu City, Az.

 "My boyfriend has a phobia of creams, lotions, gels, etc. and he got an unknown burn on his thigh. He just left alone and about a week and a half later, I said he needed to try your Miracle Cream. He agreed to let me apply it 3 times a day for 3 days. He really couldn't believe how quickly it healed and said to thank you."
Mindy B-Sales Rep-Sedona, AZ


Soothe My Skin Powder

"The Soothe My Skin Powder is helping me much more than the prescription medications. I feel like this long standing rash of 9+ months might actually go away now over time. I can't thank you enough!"

Sue B.  - Minister - Tavares, FL


Sleep Formulas

Chill Out & Relax Tea

 "Ok, so I am a tea-a-holic. I literally have an entire pantry full of teas. I had never tried a Community Herbal Tea before and had no idea what to expect. I tried Chillout and Relax Tea Blend at bedtime and BAM!....I was out in 10 minutes with the best sleep I'd had in a YEAR. My boyfriend, an insomniac, tried it and.....BAM! He was out in 15-20 minutes.  Community Herbals is the highest quality 'medicinal' tea I have ever tried. I highly recommend Heidi's intuitive and creative blends as they are EFFECTIVE! Heidi's experience as an expert herbalist is key to everything she creates and is so generous with her expert advice because she LOVES her work."
April H - Actress/Singer - Los Angeles, CA 


Extra-Strength Snoozalicious Tincture

 "I absolutely LOVE this new product, Extra Strength Snoozalicious! I have been sleeping so solidly every night by just taking 1/2 a dropperful about 30 minutes before I go to bed, as suggested. I stay awake about an hour after taking it, not feeling particularly drowsy that I cannot function. When I turn off my light, I go off into sleep gently and next thing I know, it is 7-8 hours later. I get up refreshed with no grogginess. As an aside, if I wake in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I am alert, not groggy and can return to sleep easily. A great product and I thank you for making it available to substitute for the over-the-counter products I have been unsuccessfully trying for many years. I had not realized how sleep-deprived I was, often getting 5 hours a night, not always in a row or uninterrupted." 
Toby A -Artist/Grandma-Red Bay,AL  


Snoozalicious Tincture

 "Your product Snoozalicious is the best. I don't need to use it often but when I do, I sleep great. I still have half a bottle left but will, for sure, always keep it in my medicine cabinet! I love an uninterrupted sleep!"
Karla A- Retired Traveler-Aventura, FL 


Smoking Cessation

Triumph Smoking Cessation Tincture and Aids


"I've been struggling with smoking for many years, and have quit many times, but never was it easier than when I used Triumph Smoking Cessation Tincture. It really helps curb cravings and reduce the hypertension and stress from nicotine withdrawal. The Triumph Smoking Cessation Pack is very helpful for tackling oral cravings. I'm quit again with the help of Heidi's supplements. I hope I can keep it that way! Thanks Community Herbals!"

Chris R - Geothermal Tester - Asheville, NC 

"I have quit smoking several times over the years, and this time, I wanted to do it using supplements rather than nicotine-based products. I’m taking Vitamin B, Mucuna and Selenium. I believe they help, but I still feel anxious and short-tempered throughout the day, especially when I’m at work. This is where Heidi’s Triumph Smoking Cessation Tincture comes in, which I use as an emergency remedy. It calms me, and provides instant relief. It has a pleasant taste that I now associate with relaxation, so I feel better immediately. Quitting smoking is still difficult, but this product helps and I am now 2 months smoke-free and counting! Thanks Heidi!"

Kathy w - Graphic Designer - Asheville, NC